Jul 1, 2009

Catapano Dairy Farm

The Catapano's make the best goat cheese we've ever tasted and all our friends agree! Our favorite is the Honey Lavender Chevre, a subtly flavored cheese. A bit of this on fresh baked, crusty sour dough bread is heavenly. ( For your sour dough starter go to: Fermented Treasures)

Catapano Dairy's soft chevre, a soft cheese, has been awarded first place at the American Cheese Society's annual "Festival of Cheese" conference and competition held this year in Louisville, KY. The groups membership includes over 1,000 makers of farmstead, limited production and specialty cheese, marketers and academics, and is the largest advocacy and trade group of the US quality cheese industry. --- New York Times August 2005

Many other products are made from the goat's milk as well and can be seen and purchased at: www.catapanodairyfarm.com/

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MzzLily said...

Maybe I'll try some other varieties... We have dairy goats, (well, one female) but don't milk because we've never found a goat cheese we like. They clear our woods and are our pets.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Heart... I love cheese---all kinds of cheese. AND--to put it on sour dough bread is amazing!!!! Think I'll have to check out that place you talk about.

Have a great Thursday.

matthew houskeeper said...

It is amazing how many of the old potato farms have diversified or found new roles in the past few decades on the East End.

Marju said...

Beautiful photos!!