Jan 17, 2009

Brick Cove

I generally like to photograph the beauty of the North Fork and of our people being themselves. This is an exception and a call to clean things up. One incredibly beautiful location, a cove on the Peconic Bay, was for many years home to a brick manufacturer and after the factory's demise, a marina. Both have left indelible marks on the shore and in the sea. Wind, rain and gravity will eventually bring the brick from the kiln smokestack to earth. Old discarded Sanford brick has become a part of the beach itself, gradually becoming smooth. There is an amazing amount of it along the entire beach. The beach shore up to the high tide mark belongs to the citizens of Southold Town so this pollution is on our property. The marina's impact as a parking lot for boats and junk is seemingly more benign were it not for tell-tale oil and petroleum distillate spills of varying colors on the earth.

Wrapped for Winter