May 7, 2008

Inlet Outgoing Tide - Peconic Bay

Reed Line From High Tide

Tumbled Smooth By Tide & Wave

Clam Shells

North Fork Cactus

After The Birds Have Gone

Barns & Trucks

Suffolk County has a program to protect and restore barns that are worthy historically and architecturally.  Some make it, some don't.  There are so many fine barns on the North Fork.  This small sampling does not do them justice.  There will be more in the future.

Getting a Second Chance


Barn Early Spring - Cutchogue


Long Island Potatoes

Potato Hopper Trucks

Dust to Dust


Old House

Horseshoe Crab

Felled Apple Trees

Old House

Mrs. Abigail Moor b. 1750 - Cutchogue

Florida Keys, Big Pine Key

We love the Florida Keys.  Amy's folks have a place on Big Pine Key.  We try to make it down there at least once a year to visit, fly fish and relax.  One day Gordy will actually get me to catch a tarpon, but it's only been 12 years so far.  Among many other attributes, Pris is a fantastic chef and has taught me a lot, and let me in on a cooking secret or two.


Isolated Keys

The End of the Road

Shoes Overboard

Mangrove Mama's - Good Eats

"Postcard" Sunrise