Apr 13, 2009

A North Fork Trifecta

A quintessential North Fork scene. Fireplace wood for sale on a boat trailer next to a vineyard. Just how good can it get!

An Easter Sunday Walk

Another very cold, windy, beautiful day.  The weather vane on top of the garage was indicating winds from the WNW which meant the Peconic Bay beach at the end of Pequash Avenue would be in the lee and might be nice enough for an afternoon walk.   Our motto is:  "Any day we walk on the sand is a good day" and very good it was.  The beach is low, protected by a bluff of land for four blocks or so.  The sun's rays kept us warm as we meandered about looking at the big picture and gradually noticing smaller and smaller objects in the brilliance of the day.

(the panoramic shot is my first attempt at photo-stitching), an application that came with the Canon software)

Peconic Bay Panorama (experimental)

Crab Remains