Oct 2, 2009

Sky Watch Friday Photos 9/30

I went down to the inlet as soon as I could the other morning with 2 fly rods. I had a 9', 9 weight with floating line and an 8', 6 weight with an intermediate sinking tip. The purpose was not to catch fish but to practice my fly casting to avoid embarrassing myself badly when casting with my father-in-law who was to arrive very shortly for two weeks of fishing the migrating striped bass on the flats near Gardiner's Island, around the Ruins and in The Race just east of Plum Island. As light gradually came into the sky I was struck by how ominous it first appeared. Fortunately I had my camera. Unfortunately I'd been too loaded down to bring a tripod, hence, a second series of grainy shots (where's my quality control!) that seemed too dramatic to pass up for a Sky Watch Friday. Please bear with me...

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