May 31, 2008

Pea Soup, Foggy Greenport Morning

Early Saturday morning in Greenport the fog seemed to roll in and out as the dim sunlight grew in strength or waned with the moving cloud cover.  It was easy to imagine whaling ships coming in and out of the harbor as they had back in the early 1800s, unload their cargo of oil rendered from whale fat and get new supplies from S. T. Preston & Son, the oldest ship chandlery in the northeast.   During the prohibition era rum runners had a field day coming in at night with a cover of fog and pulling straight under Claudio's to upload directly into that venerable restaurant's storage area.  I plan to post photos of these establishments when I get a brighter day.

North Ferry-Greenport to Shelter Island

Lobster in the Rough - Greenport

Peconic Bay - Greenport

Dock Pilings (photo by Amy)

Dock Master (click title for description)

May 29, 2008

Metamorphosis, Poppy

As I walked on our boardwalk today I noticed that a bit of orange was showing on a poppy bud. I wanted to capture the unfolding. It was a very slow opening with grace and no fanfare, just giving itself to the sun.

Out of nearly 50 photos I managed to get three that were pretty close-up without too much blur (me, camera, no tripod). The first photo of buds is that of a neighboring poppy.

Bumble Bee

Azalia, Evening Sun

Self Portrait

Cabin on Wickham's Creek

Ssssh... Sleeping Swan

Creek Bed

East Creek Morning - Cutchogue

Peconic Bay Overlook - Cutchogue


Trimble's Nursery

Trimble's of Corchaug is a great place to go for plants and trees mostly native to the area. The management is wonderful and they provide a library for our use in a small "green" building with plantings on the roof. It's a good place to go for ideas or just to look around and relax

Trimble's - Cutchogue

Entrance to Trimble's - Cutchogue

Wisteria Trunk


Lake Shallows

May 28, 2008

Dead End

Laurel Lake

May 23, 2008

An Azalian Sea


Shops in Peconic


May 21, 2008

The North Fork

We'd been looking for a house for nearly four years when we saw a notice of an annual antiques show to be held on the Village Green in Cutchogue. This became our first trip to the North Fork (for Amy, since age 10) and we immediately knew this would be "home". Below is a picture of a yard sale on the green from last weekend.

Village Green - Cutchogue

Down Home Store - Cutchogue

Cutchogue - This place comes to us wrapped in beauty, only to be rendered common by some. (click this title for detail)

Cutchogue - New Suffolk Free Library

Old Burial Grounds - Cutchogue

Just A Note...

My brother Evan is a wonderful photographer. He and his wife are spending the month in Paris, working in the Library at the Mennonite Center, going to concerts and taking pictures. Evan has a great eye for a photo and I'd like to invite you to view his blog, Kreider's Korner. There are many shots from Paris, Vancouver, B.C. and elsewhere.

Days End Long Island Sound - Cutchogue

High & Dry

Leaves In Water

Riffles Sculpting Sand

Water Lilies

Beach Rose

May 20, 2008

Founder's Landing & Town Creek

Founder's Landing, where the settlers stepped ashore in 1640 to found the town of Southold at the mouth of Town Creek. Amy and her brothers and sisters played in the sand and learned to swim here when staying with their grandparents on Jockey Creek.


Bayman's Workboat in the Peconic Bay

A Lighthouse of Your Own

Founder's Landing - Southold

A Choice

Dock On Town Creek - Southold