Jan 28, 2010

Sunday Sunrise Over the Peconic Bay

We got up around 5am Sunday morning, had coffee and a doughnut, Amy worked at a book design on her laptop at the dining room table while I lazed in my chair catching up on email, facebook and such.  When I looked up sometime later there was pink light coming through a window by the fireplace.  I hopped up to look out and realized that a very special dawn was afoot.  I dressed as quickly as possible grabbed the camera and drove the one mile south to the bay way too fast, these things don't wait until you're ready.  It was very cold.  I shot multiple bracketed exposures until my fingers couldn't take it any more, around fifteen minutes.  By then the best of it was gone.  I went back to the jeep and folded up the tripod, knowing I must have gotten one or two good shots (I'd taken 80 or so!)  As I climbed in I noticed a fellow sitting in his pick-up truck nearby.  He gave me a "thumbs up" as he pointed toward the bay sky.  I waved back, happy.  Click on photos to enlarge.


On this shot just right of center one can see a high sand dune on the Southampton shore across the bay that we used to climb for the great view.  It's now off limits as too much playful traffic had become destructive.


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