Jul 17, 2008


I have no idea nor do I think I could even make a good guess at how many farmstands there are on the North Fork. Some are big sprawling affairs, others have a shed or two and you still see wagons pulled out to the road from the barn behind a tractor with baskets of beautiful fresh-picked produce and an umbrella mounted to protect the vendor from the elements. Though most of them carry typical truck-patch produce, beans, corn, zuchinni, tomatoes etc., each one is enough different from the rest to make the trip to it worth while. Here are a few photos from three farmstands on the North Road between Mattituck and Riverhead. Our very favorite item from Briermere's is Wespennester, meaning wasp nest. It is a chocolate meringue-type cookie that is barely there at all. Place it on your tongue and it melts away with the most wonderful flavor.  I wish it was listed on their web site menu which is very incomplete, for instance, they have many fresh breads, fruit ciders and more.

Briermere Farmstand

Pie List -- Try to Pick Just One!

Jams Jellies Honeys

Reeve Farmstand

Reeve Farmstand

Inside Harbe's Farmstand