Jul 8, 2008

The Yard Sale

Yard saleing is a big-time sport on the North Fork. The Suffolk Times comes out Thursday morning with all the yard sale listings leaving ample time to circle the "good ones", find just where they are on the map if you don't know and plot your Saturday morning run for the most efficiency. Speed has some importance as you can't be the first one everywhere, but not so quick as to miss a hidden gem. A true yard saler's guests may be politely told with a smile "have your door open before the vehicle stops". There have been times where cars going to the same house converge enroute and the drive takes on the aspect of a road rally. Knowing short-cuts is all important and a GPS can be a big help. After a while you get to know many of the regulars and sometimes that's good for a quick chat. Sometimes we'll go looking for something specific, other times we'll just wait to spot what we can't live without.

The Joy of the Find

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