Jul 21, 2008

The Corvette Show - Riverhead

Riverhead has a long, interesting history but of late, Riverhead proper has been in decline.  A lot of stores have closed, some out-dated, some not.  Many businesses have been kidnapped by the dark side, the big box stores.  Old Riverhead is slowly being restored in a loving way, with regard to time, history and the people who lived, loved and cherished it.  The Riverhead Cinema is a shining example.  I will spend some time in the old Riverhead soon.  Less than fifteen years ago farms gave way to big box stores, franchises, auto dealerships, every kind of fast food except Arby's etc.,  Tanger discount mall I & II (yes, it fullfills a need, just wish it were further away, NIMBY).  These  new seemingly unzoned areas are the urban "New Jersey" of the North Fork (thank god the Hamptons are half to blame as we share what the Peconic River splits.   There's been no apparent architectural oversight.  We're not looking for a Disney Land, just some architecture not designed by a corporate committee that makes this part of the North Fork indistinguishable from Anywhere Else, USA.   Okay, enough of that.  I stopped by a Corvette show and took a few snaps.  It was dripping hot and the stereo speakers were blasting "Born to be Wild", by Steppenwolf.  I didn't see anyone under 40 years old or "wild".   Just a lot of sedate wide-bottoms and no "babes".

The Judges

The prizes - I counted, one for each car...

If 'vettes are babe magnets...

There's room for a wife, a girlfriend or a 36 pack.

An engine that does not get used

Hey! Are You Takin' My Picture?

North Fork Barns

Main Road, Cutchogue

Hallock's Farm Museum

Harbe's Farmstand & Winery