Jun 23, 2010

Strawberry Festival

The last shot first for my Skywatch Friends

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Some friends and I went to the annual Strawberry Festival in Mattituck this past weekend.  The photos tell their own story.  Guess what?  Not one strawberry in any of them!  They have been fantastic for the last three weeks though, red straight through.  They have to be eaten within two days maximum, they are SO ripe.  I've been making Bisquick short cake for them substituting duck fat for half the butter quantity which is pretty good and adds some depth, but it's not even close to what Mom used to make... a light ethereal cake wedge, split in half, smothered with strawberries from our own garden, doused with a bit of milk and some sugar...  (I'd give anything... love you , Mom).

Banquet in a Bun

Sand Art

Might be the longest but it looked like they were using, maybe 6 feet (it was very early evening).

Absolute bubble Joy!  (click to enlarge, that's fun!)

Going Down

Vendors with almost everything...  glass rings here.  You need one, right?

The Dino-Coaster, not to be missed!

Bubbles can be enjoyed at any age...  I popped a few with my nose, messed up my glasses.