May 12, 2009

Long Island Sound Wrapped in Fog

I'm sorry to have neglected my blog for so long. I've been off the North Fork for awhile.

Surrounded by water, the North Fork gets it's fair share of fog now and again. It's nice to see a familiar setting so often bright and sparkling, more quiet, the colors subdued, the occasional cries of a gull distant and sounding forlorn. Fog crept in from the sea going up and over the headland just west of Kenny's Beach. At Rocky Point the scene seemed to exist on two planes, the near and clear and the far and indistinct. Zooming in revealed a fisherman in foul weather gear keeping an eye on his four surf casting rods sand spiked into the beach the ends of which softly undulated with the motion of the incoming swells.

There are submerged rocks all around the point, some as big as houses, many of which aren't noted on the official NOAA charts. This can make for treacherous boating, but if one practices the rules of safety taught us by the local Power Squadron or in our case, a 12 week intensive by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary, the fishing can be very rewarding among the rocks, particularly for "stripers" or striped bass also known in some areas as rockfish. Catching a 10 to 40+ lb. striper on a fly of one's own tying and landed with a 4 oz. fly rod is a lifetime thrill.

Series from Rocky Point, LI

Snake pattern in the rock.

A moment of Zen

I don't have a video camera but my camera does shoot some video. The results aren't very good but they reflect a mood. I guess the reason I do it is because I can.