Aug 19, 2010

Rock at the End of Depot Lane

  We inherited an oil painting depicting the rock at the end of Depot Lane from my wife's grandmother years ago and today it hangs on our dining room wall.   During my years of blogging I've photographed this rock many times.  I find it a fascinating subject as it remains solid, seemingly unmovable, and immutable since it was dropped off here by the Wisconsin glacier some 21,000 years ago.  What does change is everything else... day, night, the seasons, the tide.  In the summer sun it is very warm to the touch and remains so into the night.  In the winter it is sometimes completely covered with a glaze of ice from salt water spray.  During a low, or neap tide, it can be high and dry as in the painting but when a high tide is in it can be pretty far into the water, with a depth difference of more than six feet.

Here from much further away I have a day time photo
 at a higher tide followed by an evening shot
at lower tide.

This same evening, August 14,  produced a nice late sunset over the Sound.

Here is a photo of the sky over a Depot Lane sod farm from the same evening.