Mar 10, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

This past Saturday was the warmest day of the year with temperatures in the low 60s. Folks were enjoying the outdoors in many ways.  Couples were taking walks, joggers got their exercise and a lot of yard work was getting done.  One fellow in waders stood on a sandbar at the mouth of Jockey Creek successfully clamming, dredging his clam rake through the top four or five inches of underwater sand.  When he pulled up the rake with clams in it he'd dump them into a bucket that was kept afloat by an inner tube tethered to him with a small rope. 

 We drove to Great Hog Neck's most southern part, Cedar Beach Point, just across the Peconic Bay from Jessup Neck.  Folks we didn't know seemed eager to chat. Everyone was happy with such a beautiful day, even the dogs were smiling.

Tide Pool

Taking a Closer Look