Apr 13, 2011

Early Morning Sunlight Bathes Wickham's Fruit Farm

While having a cup of coffee Sunday morning my eyelids opened enough to realize that the early low light seemed special in the way it was illuminating the orchard behind our yard.  I gazed at it as I sipped, then thought, "Why don't I just put on shoes, go out and take a couple of shots, it's already in the low 40s!".  So, I did that.  Here are a few photos of the early light on the Wickham's Fruit Farm taken from our back yard and a little beyond.

Looking South

Three rows of apple trees have been cut down

Zooming In

The Wickham's Homestead established
in the mid 1600s

The white poles support electrified deer wire

Stacked apple wood...
I plan to glean some small pieces to use
to make a mild smoke for blue fish caught down at the inlet
as I did when other trees were cut down last year,

Looking north to a barn situated
on MainRoad now a real estate office


Three photos of the Wickham's Farm Stand
taken earlier

Closed for the Winter

From last Summer

A fine selection of honeys from hives in the apple, peach
and berry sections of the farm

One doesn't want to leave without at least
 one bag of fresh warm donuts

cinnamon sugar donuts are my favorite with a cup of tea

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