Jul 15, 2008

Crafts Fair - Greenport

We were on our way to collect some driftwood for tomato plant supports at Kenny's Beach.  It was early so we went through Greenport to see if Preston's was open (I need new waterproof boots for the fall).  It wasn't but we saw a crafts fair setting up in the Chase Bank parking lot and we stopped to take a look around.  Only a few vendors were open but they were engaging which I'm sure is what makes them successful.  I must tell you about the Pickle Packin' Papa stand.  She had everything!  We're talking pickled jalapenoed eggs on down to the humble three bean salad.  We walked away $40 poorer having bought the best stuffed peppers ever.  The three been salad rivals what we bought at the Amish store at Shipshewanna, Indiana, and the fresh dills were to die for.

The pickle lady - Greenport

The metal sign guy

The pillow lady

The best in yard ornaments

If looks could kill... really, she was very nice