Aug 20, 2008


Saturday promised good weather so we packed some sandwiches, chips and dip (and Stella Artois) and headed out into the Great Peconic Bay, the bay west of Robins Island. We first went over to the South Fork as I'd promised my new neighbors that we'd pinpoint exactly where the Lobster Inn was located so they could boat over, tie up at the dock and walk directly into the restaurant. That done we explored that creek system. Lots of folks were fishing and catching with snapper rigs. The little snappers are so tasty and easy to clean, they practically unzip themselves, testimony to their eatability. Back in the bay the seas were up with many deep criss-crossing wakes piled up with a wind that had plenty of fetch to build upon. Amy took the wheel and did a yoman's job of the bay transit, faster and a little wetter than I would have, but so much fun we couldn't wipe the grins off our faces. We went up Maratooka Creek to be in the lee, dropped our lunch hook and broke out the sandwiches. There had been a jellyfish hatch some days before and I was able to snap some photos, two of which turned out okay. After this lovely break we went through the North Race of Robins Island and into the Little Peconic, the bay east of Robin's. There was a regatta running a course around pylons with the judges boats strategically placed so the racers were in view at all times, keeping things fair (it's very competitive... some racers have gone on to world-wide recognition). Then to our favorite place to swim, the East Creek Inlet, which was the busiest we'd ever seen it. Everyone was behaving and I couldn't begrudge anyone the use of the beach on such a beautiful day even though it feels like my beach the rest of the year as I fish it from March to November. We floated on the outgoing tide like a ride at Typhoon Lagoon in Florida, got totally relaxed and refreshed and headed back to New Suffolk to trailer the boat. We felt that it couldn't get better than this!


Busy Afternoon, Inlet

Kayaking Mom, Snorkling Kids

Family Fun

Jellyfish Up Maratooka Creek