May 29, 2008

Metamorphosis, Poppy

As I walked on our boardwalk today I noticed that a bit of orange was showing on a poppy bud. I wanted to capture the unfolding. It was a very slow opening with grace and no fanfare, just giving itself to the sun.

Out of nearly 50 photos I managed to get three that were pretty close-up without too much blur (me, camera, no tripod). The first photo of buds is that of a neighboring poppy.

Bumble Bee

Azalia, Evening Sun

Self Portrait

Cabin on Wickham's Creek

Ssssh... Sleeping Swan

Creek Bed

East Creek Morning - Cutchogue

Peconic Bay Overlook - Cutchogue


Trimble's Nursery

Trimble's of Corchaug is a great place to go for plants and trees mostly native to the area. The management is wonderful and they provide a library for our use in a small "green" building with plantings on the roof. It's a good place to go for ideas or just to look around and relax

Trimble's - Cutchogue

Entrance to Trimble's - Cutchogue

Wisteria Trunk


Lake Shallows