Jun 14, 2010

Greenport Saturday Morning

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Coming back from an early trip to a state park east of East Marion to pick up drift wood to use as tomato plant supports, we stopped at Greenport for a spot of breakfast at the Coronet Diner then went out on one of Claudio's docks to take a look at the Peconic Bay.  I took these photos from spots no more then 15 feet apart.  Claudio's is the oldest single family owned and run restaurant in the U.S. at 140 years (1870) and has a group of restaurants in their complex suited for any mood or pocketbook and all on the water.   We like being able to tie-up and eat but haven't done so yet this year.  Business is very good now much as it was back in the days of prohibition when, as legend has it, the "runners" used to bring their boats under the building to unload their liquor in the dead of night or "oh-dark-hundred" as my father-in-law would say.

I'd have liked to step back a little further from the harbor-master's cabin to get more of it in the shot but I was hanging part way off the dock to get this one!   S.T. Preston's is the oldest U.S. ship's chandlery, so the story goes... one can see very early photos of it when it still served whaling ships in Greenport Harbor and it was already old by then.  The North Shelter Island Ferry plies the water between the island and Greenport every day of the year.  A separate company runs the South Ferry between Shelter Island and Sag Harbor on the south fork.  The last shot was shot at a great distance.  It shows a "party boat" the Peconic Star coming in from night fishing on the Sound and two shrimp/fish trawlers.

Not to be confused with the main restaurant, this is the raw bar, ice cream and t-shirt emporium part of the Claudio's establishment where live bands play late into the night on weekends...  I'm so glad we don't live near there.

The Harbor-master's Cabin, note the loud speaker for directing boat traffic in and out.

 S.T. Preston, just like it says :)