Apr 23, 2009

Early Morning

After days of rain a beautiful early morning. Clear blue skies overhead and all things are tinged with the glow that comes when it's "magic hour". The sun stretches it's golden fingers across the tops of the apple trees in the Wickham's Fruit Farm orchard. It's budding time.


New Suffolk Harbor From Afar

Pequash Social Club

Tree Lichen

Apr 22, 2009

Sparkling Experiment

Apr 19, 2009

The Close of a Saturday

Today was beautiful with temperatures in the 70s. It was so busy with traffic and tourists on the North Fork one would have thought we were in high season already. Left turns were nearly impossible. Greenport sidewalks were filled with strolling families walking slowly looking at everything. I saw no empty tables where there was outdoor cafe seating. Faces tilted to the sun after a particularly long, cold, snowy winter. Sand was warm underfoot as we explored the Greenport Harbor breakwater. Late afternoon steamed clams and seafood chowder went well with a brisk white from the Lenz winery on our back deck. At evening I drove up Depot Lane to the Sound just to look and found a quiet sunset.

Apr 13, 2009

A North Fork Trifecta

A quintessential North Fork scene. Fireplace wood for sale on a boat trailer next to a vineyard. Just how good can it get!

An Easter Sunday Walk

Another very cold, windy, beautiful day.  The weather vane on top of the garage was indicating winds from the WNW which meant the Peconic Bay beach at the end of Pequash Avenue would be in the lee and might be nice enough for an afternoon walk.   Our motto is:  "Any day we walk on the sand is a good day" and very good it was.  The beach is low, protected by a bluff of land for four blocks or so.  The sun's rays kept us warm as we meandered about looking at the big picture and gradually noticing smaller and smaller objects in the brilliance of the day.

(the panoramic shot is my first attempt at photo-stitching), an application that came with the Canon software)

Peconic Bay Panorama (experimental)

Crab Remains

Apr 7, 2009

Orient Point

We took a spin out to the very end of the North Fork, Orient Point. The eastern-most building is a cable house from which electricity is sent to the Orient Point Light known as the Coffee Pot.  A mile or more beyond the light and across Plum Gut sits Plum Island which has been the home of the Plum Island Light established in 1827 and an animal disease research center since 1954.  Only research personnel and staff are permitted on the island.  They commute by the center's ferry.

In the 4th photo the water was very turbulent and carried sand west in a sand line to the edge of a rip.  I've never seen it so distinct.

A half mile west of the cable house a Cross Island Ferry was being boarded by cars, trucks and bicycle riders all heading to New London, Connecticut.   Reservations are needed and if some folks are getting late they'll drive with no regard to speed limits or much of anything else. Some locals sport bumper stickers that state "I don't care if you're late for the ferry!"   Very early morning returnees from Connecticut's Mohican Sun Casino often end up in a ditch or worse after a night of gambling and drinking with no sleep.  Good time to stay off the road.

Orient Beach State Park is open to anyone at no charge during the off season.  It hosts many bird species and is a waypoint for migrating birds in the Spring and Fall.  Newly arrived ospreys, our sure sign of spring, were repairing the winter damage to their nests here and there.

On our way back home we stopped in East Marion to see how the lavender farm, Lavender by the Bay, was doing.  The bees will be busy very soon.

Cable House

Coffee Pot Light

Plum Island Light

Sand Line at the Rip

Cross Sound Ferry

Orient Beach State Park

Weekend Warriors in the Park

Lavender Farm in Early Spring

Lavender Hives