Jul 6, 2009

A Fourth of July Evening

After a dinner on the deck of clams and oysters on the half shell, corn on the cob, steamed lobster with seaweed salad and cole slaw (anniversary dinner) our group headed up to the North Road to take in what promised to be a lovely evening at a Long Island Sound beach. People were arriving by car, bicycle and stair steps to get close to the water to walk or sit and wait to see what would unfold. The sun's angle gave us a "golden hour" a great time for photos, lighting the sand cliffs and beach, lengthening shadows and burnishing it all. As it lowered it played it's changing colors in the air on the clouds and through the waves. After the sun set many small bonfires of driftwood appeared up and down the beach, one by one, while some folks loaded their cars for the drive back home, the moon at their backs.

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