Jun 29, 2009

My World Tuesday

Fog on the corn stubs


Horton's Point Beach to Lighthouse stair

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Jun 27, 2009


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Ripe wild Salmon Berry.

Jun 25, 2009

Sky Watch Friday Photos

Mount Rainier, Washington, shot through our Boeing window. We had been cruising at at 33,000 feet but must have been in descent at the time of the shot.

Mount Hood, Oregon, taken through one of Marjie's many living room windows.

We've just returned from a trip to Seattle, Vancouver, the Canadian Rockies, Oregon and back up to eastern Washington for my niece's wedding. So as an exception to my North Fork theme I'm posting sky/mountain shots from our Great Northwest for Sky Watch Friday.

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Jun 8, 2009

My World Tuesday

This is my first posting with the meme My World Tuesday, where many bloggers share photos from their own particular spot on the globe. This will be fascinating and hopefully will open our eyes to things we've never had a chance to see.

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Jun 7, 2009

June 8th Ocean Day

Today is ocean day... this is a bit of the Atlantic Ocean straight south of Halsey Street in Southampton, Long Island.

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Jun 6, 2009


My first post for Today's Flowers... I'm so glad to have been welcomed to this site. There are many beautiful photos of flowers at the site below, peruse and enjoy!

Jun 5, 2009

Sky Watch Friday Photo

Long Island Sound from the North Fork...
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Water Fowl

Birds that live upon and get sustenance from salt water tend to be large as adults and usually gregarious. Some species are vegetarian. Many of us have seen hundreds of Canadian Geese in a field foraging or resting on the water. I've often seen several swan families following each other about. The cormorant (picture 3) is more of a loner although they sometimes group when drying their wings at half mast. Equally at home in fresh and saltwater they are voracious fishers whom the Chinese often use from boats, a line about their throats so that they can catch but not swallow their prey. They are very sleek and can dive to great depths. Sometimes I wonder if they'll ever come up!

It would be hard to find a sight more precious than a baby swan (signet) still wobbly, just getting used to the world.

Jun 2, 2009


Young and old fishermen alike will do almost anything to have a little time by or on the water, rod in hand with hopes for a "keeper". There's nothing to compare with eating a just-caught fish. Many times no fish are caught let alone seen, but when done one can go back home relaxed, maybe now having the answer to something that had been troubling, figured out in the solitude of the quest, looking into the water and seeing one's soul.

my nephew (2nd posting of this photo)

even your daughter's rod will do...

yours truly, Sol Duc River, WA.