Jun 5, 2009

Sky Watch Friday Photo

Long Island Sound from the North Fork...
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Water Fowl

Birds that live upon and get sustenance from salt water tend to be large as adults and usually gregarious. Some species are vegetarian. Many of us have seen hundreds of Canadian Geese in a field foraging or resting on the water. I've often seen several swan families following each other about. The cormorant (picture 3) is more of a loner although they sometimes group when drying their wings at half mast. Equally at home in fresh and saltwater they are voracious fishers whom the Chinese often use from boats, a line about their throats so that they can catch but not swallow their prey. They are very sleek and can dive to great depths. Sometimes I wonder if they'll ever come up!

It would be hard to find a sight more precious than a baby swan (signet) still wobbly, just getting used to the world.