Jul 5, 2010

5 AM July 4th and At The Close of the Same Day

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Getting up early in the morning is a gift I give to myself.   Everything looks so clean and fresh and made just for me as usually no one else is there with which to enjoy it.  The solitude mid such beauty never fails to put me in a worshipful mind that seems clearer than normal, more open.  Seeing what is before me on the horizon and in the water's edge at my feet brings the large and the small together as a unified thing.  This is my cathedral. 

 Mist rises from the far side of East Creek as a pair of osprey greet the sun with their new young.

Trumpet flowers frame a sailboat moored on the Great Peconic Bay between Cutchogue and New Suffolk.

Long morning shadows.
It won't be too long before many of the kayaks will be out on the water for a holiday paddle.

The setting sun provided it's own pyrotechnics before fireworks began.  Later, the rim of the bay was outlined by many displays as neighborhood groups came out to enjoy the color and balmy weather.


For more photos from around the globe click here.