May 29, 2009

The Peconic Herb Farm and other photos

We took a short drive, 15 miles, to the Peconic Herb Farm in Riverhead. Riverhead is so named as it's location is at the head of the Peconic River, where it runs into and becomes the bay. The Herb Farm is a quaint place kept rustic, restful and informal. There are places to picnic on the grounds. There used to be places to get poison ivy there too but I didn't see any this year. The shop has some snacks, and there are sodas in the cooler that I thought no longer existed. We liked the fact that no one was in a hurry, there was plenty of business but not what you'd call "brisk". A most pleasant afternoon.

old seed showcases

quiet by the Peconic River

that time of year

barn on the north road

sweetening the soil with lime

white on white