Jun 22, 2008

It's a Beautiful Morning - East Creek Cutchogue

Evolution of a Storm

What began as a beautiful morning gradually turned into something of a totally different nature.  Soft cotton ball clouds became cumulus, then took on a gray under-color as the wind noticably picked up.  The darkening heavier clouds began to race across the sky at a different speed and direction than the lighter, higher clouds.  Before long it seemed as though the two systems became entangled.  Now the green-tinged leaden clouds were so low they touched the trees and the thunder spoke from near and far in a constant crack and rumble. Raindrops on my lens.  Time to go in.

Cumulus Cloud

A Hint of Disturbance

Disparate Systems, Wind Building

Systems Converging, a Patch of Blue

Darkened, Wind Whipped Sky