Dec 29, 2008

Sky Shots

Nov 26, 2008


If you've ever wondered how nature will reclaim the earth for itself when people are gone this should give you a pretty good idea. Not so very long ago this was a working irrigation pump-house with a water reservoir. Now it could give new meaning to the word "houseplant".

Nov 23, 2008




Nov 14, 2008

Fall Signs

Maple Leaves

Blackbirds Finish the Corn

Canadian Geese on Frost

Berries on the Holly Tree

Lemongrass and Cuban Oregano Come Inside

Nov 2, 2008

North Fork Bounty

Surrounded by saltwater and being the sunniest spot in New York State (yes, sunnier than the South Fork) makes for a long growing season.  This year was very good, not just for our few productive plants but for the wine grapes as well, and the sea provided it's usual bounty of shell fish, lobster and bay scallops all from our local baymen.

Lobster, will there be enough?

Oysters & Clams on the Half Shell

Making Applesauce

Sour Cherries and Basil from July

Zucchini Blossoms for Quick Fry

Heirloom "Potato" Tomatoes

Oct 29, 2008

Boat Houses

Like snowflakes, no two boat houses are alike.  They run the gamut from lavish well appointed party houses with running hot and cold water, fully stocked bars with large flat screen TVs, to little more than a place to store canoe paddles and life vests.  What they have in common is making a life of fun on the water more convenient.

Oct 25, 2008

Apples at the Wickham's Fruit Farm -- It's Harvest Time


Fogging the Fruit

Mowing the Orchard

Tom Wickam Hauling U-Pickers

To High for U-Pick

Oct 15, 2008

Sky - A Canvas with Infinite Possibilities

Sky from the North Spit - Robins Island

Sky Over Nassau

The Edge of a Front

Morning Relection

Evening Reflection

Thumbnail Moon

Sep 25, 2008

In the Vineyard

Vineyards are doing so much to keep the agricultural nature of the North Fork alive and well. There are seventeen wineries within five miles of our home so we always have something to do on a gray day when we have guests as all of them offer tastings, some have tours and on the weekends there is often live music. One can sip to bluegrass, jazz, rock or perhaps a guitar and flute classical duo. A few of the wineries show the work of local artists which adds richness to the experience. This season I followed the growth of the vines with a few pictures. These shots do very little to show the overall beauty of the vineyards at different times of day or in changing light or weather. Apologies for the blur of the first picture, the only one I had of first buds.

In the Beginning...

Stretching For the Sun

In a Warm Mist

Manicured Grape Factories