Jan 27, 2013

Winter at Goldsmith's Inlet

Earlier this January we hopped in the car on a very cold but sunny day to see if hurricane Sandy had done any damage to Goldsmith's Inlet Park and to the inlet itself.  Though there was considerable damage in many places on the north shore of the Long Island Sound this nearly pristine spot was unscathed, the timeless tide gently flowing to the sea.   Late Spring finds fly fishermen casting on the outgoing tide for striped bass and blue fish.  During the summer months the park is busy.  Many families with young children come to picnic and splash about in the safe, shallow waters

Goldsmith's Inlet Park Satellite View
Google Maps

A look over the inlet toward the Kenny's Beach community
in the distance.

A mammoth drift wood log longer than our house.

A shot toward the mouth of the inlet.

Riffles of the outgoing tide.

A look toward the basin.

Stony Bottom.


Lori Skoog said...

I have missed your beautiful shots. Welcome back to our world.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you're posting again.
I used to like checking in on your updates.
Especially since I can only make it out to the North Fork a few weekends a year.
You always have great photo essays.

kay nuthatch said...

I really enjoy your blog. You have a talent for capturing Long Island's beauty through your photographs. Thanks for sharing them!

travel said...


great photo snaps nice photography keep it up.

KaHolly said...

A beautiful place, not unlike where I call home. I'm anxious to return for the summer. Hope you are well, and just too busy to post! ~karen