Nov 8, 2010

South Harbor Beach

Saturday arrived with clear sunny skies.  It was just warm enough to ward off the bit of chill in the air and make a beach walk very attractive to us.  Amy drove so that I'd have the luxury of being able to look at everything and call the stops to check out sites of interest.  After meandering down around Great Hog Neck near Paradise Point finding some roads we'd never been on before, we headed a short way east then turned toward the bay on South Harbor Road.  Perfect!  The beach appeared to be a clean blank slate save for a woman and her dog in the distance.  In the small harbor reeds wore their fall color and the still, clear waters let one see objects on the bottom.  The small black ones are old snail shells now occupied by hermit crabs.

Nearby a cozy waterfront cottage was nearly hidden in the shore trees.

Walking around for awhile proved the beach to be anything but a blank slate.   
Amy called me over to show me what she'd discovered... a labrinth.

It was fairly large, made of found objects from the beach  
placed in neat rows that described a path...

eventually leading to the end faced by an all-seeing eye.

Here are a few labrinth details that I found interesting.

The Tao of the labrinth

A broken whelk shell placed on a rock.

Barnacles on an old wave-tumbled brick.

Not far off there was an echo... a mini-labrinth.

I'd like to credit and thank the labrinth creator and keeper 
who posted a sign in a baggie asking all to keep it neat.
I like that, whoever you are.

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Sylvia K said...

What a fun and delightful thing to discover on the beach! And such a beautiful beach it is! Someone had to put a lot of thought into that! I like it, too, and would like to add my thanks to whoever you are. Sounds like you and Amy had a great day! Hope you have a great week as well, Mark!


Lily Hydrangea said...

This is so cool! I've always been intrigued by what I've heard of labyrinths, but have never seen one. Coincidentally within a span of 3 months I have seen 3 different ones -including this one. I only walked one of them & found it to be very calming.
Did you walk this one Mark?

Shirley said...

How clever to make a labyrinth of beach found items. What a great opportunity for some terrific autumn photos!

J Bar said...

Beautiful scenes.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Photo Cache said...

very cool. i love the warm colors in your world.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful place. I had never seen labrinth before. Thanks for sharing.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

How much fun is that finding a labyrinth. In my wandering through the woods in pursuit of geocaches I've come across little makeshift altars and some strange sights. I'd love to find a labyrinth.

Cloudia said...

You found an isolated treasure,
and now we have shared it throughout the world!

Our private reveries reach further than we imagine...
the labyrinth creator will likely never know of his/her/their creation's reach!

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral



Al said...

Beautiful fall photos, and that labyrinth is very interesting. It's neat that places like that exist.

Lesley said...

that is so cool. I wonder how many people have enjoyed the labyrinth and kept it clean

Lily Robinson said...

Such fun photos! I loved the nearly hidden cottage. What a beautiful place to live!

KaHolly said...


bicocacolors said...

you found a treasure!
thank you for showing it!
I like a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Tranquillity.Nice shots.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments.I enjoy yours also;refreshing.
Makes me want to go fishing.
I live not far from where O'Brian lived in France.I still look out to sea hoping one day to watch H.M.S. Surprise sail by:chasing a French frigate of course.

SILVER said...

The view is serene. You're right, they are interesting!

Whitemist said...

This is a beautiful lace!