May 26, 2009

Morning, Memorial Monday

Joe and I got up early on what promised to be a good morning to shoot some photos. We drove down to the East Creek inlet, then up to the Long Island Sound and back down to a New Suffolk creek. There was a stillness in the air as the sun gradually broke through a cloud mottled sky and burned off a light fog as the morning progressed. The light changed minute by minute keeping us on our toes making everything we saw interesting. We finally succumbed to the need for some fresh Wickham's cinnamon-sugar covered doughnuts and coffee... a great beginning for any day!


diane said...

What a lovely start to the day, especially the donut part.
Your photographs are so beautiful, and make me want to be there. Truly.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Mark, I have a son named Mark.. He turned 39 in January!!!!

Love your photos---especially the sunrise. BUT--- those doughnuts and coffee sounds mighty good also!!!!

Have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

Great photographs, as always. The donut sounds like a good way to start the day too!

TC said...

Doughnuts and a beautiful sunrise, what a combination!

MzzLily said...

Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day. You've certainly a blessed life!