Apr 23, 2009



Vic said...

I lived for awhile as a kid on a piece of property covered in orchards. This takes me back there.

latin_girl87 said...

Your photos are pretty neat. I LOVE photos of lanscapes. I am not sur eif you do them for fun or whatever BUT your pics would def be good enough for shutterstock.com :) Just an idea. But anyway, I'd like to follow your photos if you dont mind. I look forward to your next one!By the way, feel free to visit my blog if your interested in a good laugh. Its about my 3 year old its pretty funny/cute.Also, I noticed you have Adsense on your page. On my way out I will click every ad on your page! Just do me a favor and when you visit my blog try to click some for me too :) I think we could all use the extra cash AND if we work together as bloggers we may all be able to benefit. If you know anyone who needs their ads clicked Send me a link and I'll click away in hopes they'll do the same for me.If you want me to send ya people needing clicks let me know and I will. Thanks in advance! Good Luck with all your Endeavors! And enjoy MY BLOG!